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Web Links

This list of mostly AutoCAD-related links is a pale shadow of its former self, as maintenance of the large set of links became something of a burden.



Saratoga Hosting - American web hosting company. If you want to register a domain name or set up a web site, this is the place to go. Customer service is so astonishingly good, if I told you about what they have done for me you would think I was making it up. Pricing is excellent too, as is reliability. This company has the best customer service ethic I have ever seen. Brilliant.
MD Web Hosting MD Web Hosting - Australian web hosting company. If you want to register a domain name or set up a web site, this is NOT the place to go. Avoid at all costs. There is no link on this picture, because I wouldn't want anyone to accidentally go there. Dismal.
Tom's Hardware Guide Tom's Hardware Guide - exhaustive information about current hardware. There is probably far more hardware information here than you could ever possibly want to know.
upFront.eZine upFront.eZine, CAD and Internet news from Ralph Grabowski.
AUGI Autodesk User Group International, formerly NAAUG: free on-line training courses and other benefits.
Autodesk Autodesk Inc. home page covering all Autodesk products.
CAD on the Internet German AutoCAD Author and developer, and CADLock Vice President, Dietmar Rudolph.
CADalog AutoCAD shareware and more.
CADLock CADLock, Inc: developer of drawing file security software.
Cadalyst Cadalyst: major US-based AutoCAD Magazine
Bug Watch CADALYST Bug Watch - AutoCAD bugs described by Steve Johnson
DotSoft produces productivity tools for AutoCAD.
John Walker Site of Autodesk founder John Walker (not the Australian developer), including The Autodesk File with vast amounts of interesting Autodesk history.
ISO International Standards Organisation. Site includes links to many other standards bodies.
ManuSoft US AutoCAD third party developer of QuikPik and SuperPurge shareware. Site includes freebies and describes undocumented AutoCAD commands and variables. Owner is Owen Wengerd, President of CADLock, Inc.
TenLinks TenLinks CAD directory on the Internet. Its TopTen format displays just the top 10 links in each category, rather than hundreds of links.