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The cull continues – yet more Autodesk products are bumped off
While you're enjoying yourselves at Autodesk University (not that there's anything wrong with that), spare a thought for...
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Logitech demonstrates the power of the cloud and cops a bloody nose
I've been a pretty satisfied customer of Logitech products for some years. The mice, keyboards, webcams and 3D...
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Tip – making your 3D controller work sensibly in BricsCAD
This tip applies to BricsCAD V14 to V18 inclusive, and possibly other versions too. BricsCAD automatically works with...
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BricsCAD V18 – showing Autodesk how to do DWG CAD
For years now, Autodesk has done very little worthwhile with AutoCAD. There have been a few small but...
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Bricsys 2017 Conference
I have recently returned from the Bricsys 2017 Conference, held this year at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris....
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Too soon? Autodesk cancels 30% subscription price increase
Autodesk had announced plans to increase some subscription prices by 30% on 7 November 2017. Resellers have already...
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When spambots get it wrong
I've posted before about the amusement that can be had at the expense of the clueless spammers who...
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CAD-related Twitter exchange of the year
In a Twitter post (now deleted), the AutoCAD twitter account asks us to submit our feature ideas for...
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