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ADSK bubble trouble
Autodesk has now recorded ten successive quarters of losses totaling $1.289 billion. Autodesk's share price had been rapidly...
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Autodesk founder outraged by Amazon snatch of cloudy purchases
Autodesk co-founder John Walker (it's not his fault, he relinquished control of the company many years ago) recently...
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AutoCAD 2018 for Mac – welcome to twenty years ago
In the past, I've described how AutoCAD for Mac was released half-baked (as I predicted) and has remained...
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Tip: what to do when your text becomes empty rectangles
Dear person who used the search terms "writing has become empty rectangle in cad" and "autocad text has...
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Cloudy and/or subscription CAD still adds vulnerabilities
Remember when I skewered the myth of CAD on the Cloud being available anytime, anywhere? Back then, I...
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The cull continues – yet more Autodesk products are bumped off
While you're enjoying yourselves at Autodesk University (not that there's anything wrong with that), spare a thought for...
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Logitech demonstrates the power of the cloud and cops a bloody nose
I've been a pretty satisfied customer of Logitech products for some years. The mice, keyboards, webcams and 3D...
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Tip – making your 3D controller work sensibly in BricsCAD
This tip applies to BricsCAD V14 to V18 inclusive, and possibly other versions too. BricsCAD automatically works with...
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