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ClassicArray provides an enhanced dialog box interface for AutoCAD’s Array command. Provides many features not present in AutoCAD’s ARRAYCLASSIC command.


ClassicArray is a simple-to use but powerful tool for creating arrays in AutoCAD.

  • Provides a dialog box interface to AutoCAD’s Array command. The familiar interface method provides continuity with earlier releases; use of the Ribbon is not required.
  • Supports Rectangular, Polar and Path array types.
  • Supports the creation of both associative and traditional non-associative arrays.
  • Provides an in-dialog preview panel to give you a quick idea of what your array will look like before any objects are created.
  • Allows creation of a preview array which can be accepted, rejected or modified before the desired array is finally chosen.
  • Base objects can be incorporated into the array or left intact as desired using a simple toggle.
  • Allows simple creation of 3D arrays.
  • Comprehensive Help is available from within the dialog box.
  • Provides Ribbon tabs and toolbars, separated into associative and non-associative sections.
  • Supports AutoCAD 2012 and later (updated for and tested with AutoCAD 2017).
  • Digitally signed for compatibility with security features of recent AutoCAD releases.
  • Setup routines are provided that support either AutoCAD 2012/2013 only or all releases from AutoCAD 2013 onwards. Uninstallation is via the standard Windows Control Panel methods (Uninstall a Program, Add/Remove Programs).
  • Uses AutoCAD’s Plug-in feature to provide application behavior consistent with other add-ins.
  • Acts as a workaround for various AutoCAD Array bugs and limitations.
  • Supports AutoCAD for Windows and vertical products derived from it. Sorry, due to Autodesk API restrictions ClassicArray can support neither AutoCAD LT nor AutoCAD for Mac.

See the ClassicArray Help page if you want to see a full description of the product, including screenshots.


Click to download ClassicArray: ClassicArray.1.1.0 (1.15 MB)

This download is both the 15-day evaluation and the commercial product. It is fully functional, but will not create arrays after 15 days until registered.

Licensed users of ClassicArray 1.0.0 can download and install version 1.1.0 without any additional license purchase. The same registration code will work for both versions.

Previous Releases

ClassicArray.1.0.0 (0.85 MB)

Pricing and Purchase

Please note that the online shop is not yet fully automated and as a result there may be a delay of a day or so between payment and email receipt of your registration code. If you have any problems with the purchase process, please provide feedback using the Contact page.

License Item Cost Purchase
Individual license $12


Up to 20-user license $100

Up to 50-user license $200

Up to 100-user license $300

Unlimited site license $500

All pricing in US dollars. Australian purchasers will be charged an additional 10% GST. Secure payment via PayPal. Product is available by download only.