What happened at the Australasia BricsCAD Conference 2019

What happened at the Australasia BricsCAD Conference 2019

Yesterday (19 March 2019) I attended the Australasia BricsCAD Conference 2019 (ABC2019) at the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre.

The presenters were Michael Smith, Heidi Hewett, Pieter Clarysse, Damian Harkin, Jason Bourhill, Ralph Grabowski, Jonathan Taylor and myself.

I wasn’t entirely happy with my own presentation, which I shared with Heidi Hewett. It started with an uncooperative PowerPoint wasting too much of the short time I had available. This led to me abandoning my painstaking preparations and winging it in order to finish in time for the closing address. I hope my talk was informative nevertheless.

To see what went on, check out these three threads that I live tweeted:

  1. Twitter thread | Unrolled
  2. Twitter thread | Unrolled
  3. Twitter thread | Unrolled

Disclosure: Sofoco covered my flight and accommodation expenses and provided a per diem payment.

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