Robert Green gets a new job

Robert Green gets a new job

Robert Green recently made this announcement in his CAD Managers Unite Facebook group:

On March 1 I’ll be joining Bricsys (the BricsCAD company) as their Director of Implementation. That’s a fancy way of saying it’ll be my responsibility to make sure BricsCAD customers are technically and financially successful as they migrate to BricsCAD. This will involve managing everything that impacts implementation including installs, customization, best practices development and product requirements analysis. It’s going to be a different challenge for me – one I’m looking forward to.
“Why Bricsys?” you may ask?
Because I like the company, their products and their people. From the first time I visited the Bricsys offices in Gent I couldn’t help but feel their joy in building great products that do mechanical, BIM and CAD in a consistent DWG based product interface. This company is doing things that I believe will change the CAD market and I want to be part of it.
Yes, this is a big change for me but let me promise you two things will never change: My love for CAD management and my fondness for writing so you’ll still be hearing from me! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or message me directly. Here goes!

Congratulations to Robert and all the best for the future. The talent migration from Autodesk to Bricsys continues.

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