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Autodesk Senior Vice President tells it like it is
I didn't expect to see any comment about the policy of denying bug fixes to some customers from...
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Autodesk confirms its own unconscionable conduct
It took several attempts over a period of months and was like pulling teeth, but Autodesk has now...
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Yet more Autodesk software falls off the perch
Just when I thought I was having a nice vacation from tending the Autodesk Graveyard (see also Autodesk...
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Can’t comment? Working on it.
Despite most things being fixed, some blog nauseam maintenance issues are still happening. Although some people can comment,...
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What’s changed at blog nauseam and why
Last week, blog nauseam died. This post explains the background to that. You're probably not that interested, so...
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blog nauseam has moved!
My apologies for the inconvenience, but please adjust your bookmarks! The home page URL for blog nauseam is now:
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Automated .NET 4.7 update kills AutoCAD pre 2017
Thanks to Robert Green for pointing this out: Microsoft is installing .NET 4.7 as part of their auto...
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blog nauseam maintenance issues
For as yet unknown reasons, this blog went down a couple of days ago. The basics are back...
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