Rate Autodesk, vote once

Rate Autodesk, vote once

I’ve added some new polls that ask you to rate Autodesk in five specific areas. I’ve seen some criticism of Autodesk in these and other areas, but that doesn’t mean the criticism is valid. I’d like to know what you think. Please be fair, and base your votes on your own experiences. If you have suggestions for similar polls, add a comment.

I have closed several other polls, and will be discussing the results later.

Poll abuse

On the subject of polls, I have noticed that more than one person has been voting multiple times. While this is technically possible for people who have access to the Internet via multiple IP addresses, it’s obviously not desirable. Like the forthcoming US elections, the idea is that you have one vote each. While you might be able to work around that restriction to give yourself a little extra influence on the result, doing so is less than honest and is likely to get you in trouble.

I accept that people who have access via home and work might accidentally vote twice on occasions, but if I perceive a continued pattern of deliberate abuse I will remove the offenders’ access rights to this site. As I respect everybody’s privacy I will not reveal any identities, drop any hints or make any announcements about this, I will just do it.

Just to make the privacy issue completely clear, I will not, under any circumstances in public or private, reveal to anybody who has voted for what. Similarly, I will not reveal to any party any identifying information behind any of the users of this site.

Fortunately, the influence of dodgy votes on poll results has so far been small and in most cases statistically insignificant. That is, it does not invalidate the conclusions that can be drawn from the overall poll results. The more valid votes there are, the less influence the multi-voters will have, so go to it and have your say. Once, please!


  1. Roger Cusson

    Please do a survey question surrounding how often customers would like to have new Major releases. Personally I could see every 3 years with minor updates and bug fixes. But that’s just me….

    You could also ask. at this point in time would you like autodesk concentrate on fixing bugs or releasing new features..?

  2. I appreciate your input. The release frequency thing is actually one of the polls I just closed. I’ll be commenting on that soon, but you can see the results in the polls archive if you’re interested. The link is near the top right corner.

    I have considered polls based on your second suggestion in the past, but never got round to doing it. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll do that in future once some of the existing polls are closed.

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