Should Autodesk provide a CHM version of its AutoCAD 2013 Help?

Should Autodesk provide a CHM version of its AutoCAD 2013 Help?

I’ve added a poll asking this question over on the right. I would like to see this done as soon as possible as a courtesy for those customers who find the current AutoCAD 2013 Help system inadequate. If you agree, vote Yes. If you disagree (for example, you think Autodesk should instead concentrate on improving the current system), vote No. If you wish to make a comment on this specific issue, feel free.


  1. Terry Scanlon

    “Me’s” link is for the offline version of Autocad’s help. This can help deal with internet connection issues with help, but it is still the same help system, not CHM.

    1. I see. It was not found before, which tells us something about the advisability of pointlessly placing things on line. Now it’s saying “Download & Install 2013 Product Help”, which is something I’ve mentioned doing, posted a link for, and discussed using at some length. As you point out, it’s nothing to do with the CHM solution being asked for here.

  2. JGerth

    CHM is critical to have as the readily available local help on-line help system, especially since we can no longer expect to receive well written, readable hardbound/paperbound documentation, or even PDF files.

    But, as has been pointed out, the current level of information and organization in the HTML pages is weak. IMHO an equally important step would be Help documentation that can be edited, expanded, and published without the onus of copyright infringment. A Creative Commons license that required content attribution but permitted commercial distribution would be the best route for Autodesk to follow in order to provide useful Help documentation, without expending their scarce resources. Quite likely there s a better Help engine, or search engine that could be used, and by enabling commercial distribution an author/editor could reasonably license of develop one.

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