AutoCAD Migration – what do you think?

AutoCAD Migration – what do you think?

For a few years now, AutoCAD has allowed you to migrate your settings forward from an old release to a new one. Since AutoCAD 2006, this has included your custom CUI stuff.

How well is this mechanism working for you? I will keep my opinions to myself for now, but I’m interested in yours. I have added two polls about this (see right) and have more polls on this subject waiting in the wings. Feel free to add your comments here to expand on what you have selected in the polls.


  1. Chris Cowgill

    I have used it, but I figured with all the huge advancements in GUI for 09 that I would start from scratch. I usually start from scratch anyway as I like to have more control over what gets transfered. And the rebuild helps weed out some of the old things I dont use anymore. It’s good that the new version comes out in spring, it allows me to do my spring cleaning. Although I know that doesnt work for you Steve.

  2. Chris Cowgill

    yes but you have all winter long to play around with the actual shipped version before sp1 comes out, it the summer, it is hard to stay inside and mess with things.

  3. I don’t like using Migrate. It seems to me if I have any issues with the previous version, then won’t I simply be importing them into the next version? Besides it isn’t that hard to reattach our custom CUI files and we use a 3rd party profile that updates with every version.

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