AutoCAD 2009 – Video from product managers

AutoCAD 2009 – Video from product managers

I generally dislike blogs that just regurgitate contents from elsewhere, so I’m going against the grain here to repost something from Shaan Hurley’s Between the Lines blog.

Shaan has been a bit quiet over the past few weeks, but has recently made up for this with a vengeance. A flurry of new posts has pushed this video way down the page, so you may well have missed it. I’m always happy to see Autodesk communicating with its customers (even if I don’t agree with what’s being said), so I decided to bring it to your attention.

Here, Autodesk product managers Eric Stover and Doug Cochran show off some of the new features of AutoCAD 2009.

It seems Doug is very keen on the use of the words “quick” and “quickly”. Hopefully, that means we will see some serious attention paid to AutoCAD’s performance soon, because it could certainly do with it.

This video may lack professional gloss, but I don’t care. In fact, I much prefer something that looks like it hasn’t been processed through a PR committee before we’re allowed to see it. I hope we see more communication like this soon from the real people behind the Autodesk corporate facade.

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  1. kelly

    “I generally dislike blogs that just regurgitate contents from elsewhere”

    We all do it every now and then to make sure the word gets out on something important. I’ve had to give up a certain (unnamed) one because that’s all there was – the posting of someone else’s material – a few days later at that.

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