Summary of AutoCAD 2011 features

Summary of AutoCAD 2011 features

No, I haven’t written a post containing a summary of AutoCAD 2011 features. I won’t be doing so, either. Instead, I’ll just point you at R.K. McSwain’s excellent AutoCAD 2011 in 3 minutes post on his CAD Panacea blog.

I won’t be ignoring the new release; I will be covering selected AutoCAD 2011 features in more detail in future posts. I just don’t see much point in doing a “me too” post when somebody else has already done such a fine job of it.


  1. Thanks for the pointer Steve. Mine was pretty hastily put together and then posted during a meeting on Thursday, so it’s by no means complete and I’m still looking for a good review of the 3D features to point people at. There is just so much new 3D stuff, which is not easy to document with words and static photos. I know there was more than one video being taken during the detailed sessions – so hopefully some us this will pop up soon if it has not already.

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