AutoCAD WS contest poll added

AutoCAD WS contest poll added

Thanks to all entrants in the AutoCAD WS contest. I have now closed the entries and added a poll (see right). Although I did state that there would be no prize for this contest, I have some exciting news! I am happy to announce that thanks to an exclusive* arrangement with Autodesk, the winner of this contest will receive a free** copy of AutoCAD!*** I will keep the poll open until I feel like closing it or the entry I like best is winning, whichever is the most convenient.

* Exclusive to people with Internet access.
** Excluding any Internet access expenses the winner may incur.
*** AutoCAD WS. If the winner is unable to use AutoCAD WS due to iThing insufficiency, browser-based access to Project Butterfly will be provided instead.


  1. Brian Myers

    While I like the pole you created, I’d bet anything I know what WS really stands for. Here is Project Butterfly’s description:

    Project Butterfly is an Autodesk service that lets you edit and collaborate on design data over the Web.

    So it’s a Service run over the Web. And in many circles that would mean WS stands for a common application abbreviation. WS = Web Service

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