Ask Teresa from Autodesk your maintenance and subscription questions

Ask Teresa from Autodesk your maintenance and subscription questions

As a follow-up to the Pixel Fondue video I posted earlier, Greg reports:

Since then Teresa Anania (Teresa from the letter) has contacted me and has agreed to do a pixelfondue livestream and answer some questions people may have. So…if you want to ask Teresa something directly post your question here and I will send it to her. I obviously can’t guarantee that I will ask (or she will answer) all questions. Teresa is (to her credit) reaching out to customers in a more personal way here – and maybe we can help her understand our feelings about AD’s move to subscription, especially how it pertains to current license holders.

Teresa Anania is Autodesk’s Senior Director, Subscription Success. It is indeed commendable that Teresa is prepared to step out of the Autodesk PR safe zone and field questions and comments from real people in an environment outside her control.

If you want to ask Teresa a question, hop over Autodesk forum and reply to Greg’s post. I’ll let Greg know about this post here too, so if you reply here he should see it.


  1. Werner Ploeger

    Move to Abonnement is NOT an option.
    Now, i have fixed full licenses, if i stop the support contract, i still have the licenses. If i switch to abonnement, i have nothing at the end. Very bad deal for me.

    Cloud is NOT an Option.
    I have data with non disclosure agreements on it. This data will not leave our servers. No discussion. Period.

    I’m from Germany, i phoned Autodesk at Munich. After a lot of misconnected calls, the poor girl from the telefone central shows out she is only allowed to connect me to the service hotline, not to the management. No possibility to phone some of these ‘directors’. Oh yes, it looks like they know the house ist burning!

    In my case, Abonnement or Cloud WILL NOT HAPPEN.

    If Autodesk try to force me, i go. There are other solutions on the market. Maybe not exact the same, but for one year Abo here i can buy a full license there… It would be a good idea of Autodesk to not let me think about it more than i already did.

    [SJ note: abonnement is French for subscription – looks like an automated translation issue]

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