Autodesk customers fairly satisfied with resellers

Autodesk customers fairly satisfied with resellers

I have closed the three satisfaction rating polls I started a couple of months ago and will be reporting the results individually.

Let’s start on a positive note. The poll indicates that in general, you’re reasonably happy with your Autodesk resellers. The mean rating is 6.04, the median is 7 and the mode is 8. Given the unpopular message they’ve had to pass on lately, I think this is a pretty positive result.

Feel free to comment here if you wish to discuss any aspect of this. Are you happy with your reseller?


  1. James Maeding

    Resellers? More like re-renters now.
    I can’t wait for all the “deals” on our way because prices have gone up so much they have more room for favors. Its gonna be like certain stores where list price is a million, and you get it for only $600k. What a deal!

  2. blueginkgo

    I had our reseller on phone today, I proudly confirmed them that we were stopping maintenance and keeping our 7 perpetual AutoCAD 2018 forever. At some point, he told me that Autodesk was a big business, and even traded ! To which I replied that it precisely was the problem : more care for big shareholders than for customers.
    I’ve had few interactions with them in almost 10 years. I remember two :

    1) when we signed with them, a collar and tie chap tried to entice us to get Autocad Architectural desktop (instead of vanilla), for the same starting price (not saying much about future maintenance prices which were highr than vanilla, of course). I had past experience with AD and knew how fundamentally flawed it was, so I said NO. Also, At the time, they had just bought Revit, which meant that they had two competiting products and one had to die. Now that AD is a clear dead end, I’m glad I said no.

    2) I did some consulting for an hospital’s internal CAD department. They had the same reseller. They showed me three small but crappy lisp routines that the reseller gave them to perform some trivial tasks such as making everything gray, they didn’t even bother to put everything in a single command load at startut, they instructed them to load the three .lsp individually each time, and lauch the 3 command each time. I doubt that reseller had anything useful to me.

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