Steve’s BLADE presentation at the BricsCAD New Zealand and Australia Roadshow

Steve’s BLADE presentation at the BricsCAD New Zealand and Australia Roadshow

Sofoco (Australia) and CAD Concepts (New Zealand) recently ran a series of seminars throughout Australasia demonstrating BricsCAD. I attended the last of these in Brisbane on April 19 and gave a presentation about BricsCAD’s LISP, with reference to AutoCAD compatibility and the tools available to CAD Managers and developers, including BLADE. The talk was aimed at anybody who is writing or maintaining LISP code for AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

I had the just-before-lunch slot, which is never desirable for a presenter. People are dozing off and/or bursting to go to the toilet, and time adjustments have to be made if earlier presentations run over. I started 10 minutes late and therefore had to remove the demonstration part of the presentation on the fly, but I had planned to allow for that eventuality. It’s been a while since I have presented like this before an audience so I was a bit rusty and it wasn’t as free-flowing as I would have liked. Too many ‘erms’!

Steve’s invisible accordion is impressively large

I did manage to keep the whole audience in their seats until the end, though, so that’s something. Maybe the fact that I was waving a sword around had something to do with it.

Here’s my video, which is 21 minutes long. The sound is a bit muffled and my accent is Australian, so you might want to turn on subtitles using the CC option in the YouTube player.

Disclosure: the organisers covered part of my expenses.


  1. James Maeding

    Steve, did Torsten add the ability to list global variables yet? I try not to nag him with questions. I realized instead of “Inspect” in the VLIDE, you copy and paste expressions to the lisp console tab in BLADE to see their return (and indeed run the code too).
    The best screen pointers are always weapons. A past college professor of mine had some powerful laser screen pointer. You did not want him pointing it at you, would have burned a hole like a lightsaber.

  2. Torsten Moses

    Dear James, Dear Steve,
    internally, BLADE has been improved + extended in significant amount … not yet published;
    but I guess, most improvements + additions will match your expectations 🙂

    Especially, the “Watches 1/2/3” will allow to have Lisp expressions, and even with “BreakPoint” option and optional breakpoint condition.

    The “check local variables” and “check global variables” functionality is on the way.

    And a lot of extensions in details, all together improving usability 🙂

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