Music – Best Debut Albums?

Music – Best Debut Albums?

With all this AutoCAD 2009 stuff, I haven’t given much attention to some of the other things this blog is supposed to be about, such as music. I will rectify that soon with posts about my three favourite debut albums of all time. In the meantime, have a think about this: if you could only have three debut albums in your collection (or on your iPod, or whatever), what would they be? I’m sure if I asked 1000 people I would have a list of nearly 3000 different albums.

My set of three has one album that stands a good chance of being on a few people’s lists because it’s from a band that was huge in the 70s, one that stands a marginal chance because the band had a UK number one album in the 80s, and one band that is very current but which very few of you will have heard of.

Feel free to state your own top three, or speculate on mine. 🙂


  1. Greg

    1-Led Zepplin, Led Zepplin IV, 1971, of course!
    2-Ugly Kid Joe, America’s Least Wanted, 1992, greatest unknown band ever
    3-Lou Reed, Rock, Rock N Roll Animal, 1974, classic live rock and roll

  2. Rick Moore

    Favorite debut albums is tough because most of my favorite artists put out better stuff later. Here are three that are great artists but never topped their debut:

    The Clash – The Clash – 1977
    Velvet Underground – Velevet Underground & Nico – 1967
    Milton Nascimento – Travessia – 1967

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