AutoCAD 2009 – Do your old drawings need recovery?

AutoCAD 2009 – Do your old drawings need recovery?

I’ve seen quite a few complaints that AutoCAD 2009 refuses to open some drawings saved in 2000 or 2004 format unless the Recover command has been used on them. Autodesk has now issued a Knowledge Base item about this issue.

There’s no real fix in AutoCAD 2009 yet, just an external workaround. You will have to fix up the drawings in AutoCAD 2008 or TrueView. Either save the drawings in 2007 format or set the system variable 3DCONVERSIONMODE to 0 and then save them in the old format.


  1. Hi Steve

    May I recommend you use Autodesk Marketing URLs when linking to Autodesk Knowledge Base articles (and other content on the Autodesk web site whenever possible).

    Do you like to link? Marketing URLs –

    eg For the KB article you reference above:

    Instead of –

    Use –

    Take care, Mike

  2. Mike – Thanks for the suggestion, I have modified the link accordingly. I remember when the last Autodesk web site update killed most of the useful Autodesk links out there.

    The trouble is, the Marketing URLs aren’t always obvious or easy to find. They can be deduced on the KB articles, but the other ones can be elusive. Shaan’s list is useful but a long way short of being comprehensive. So we’re expected to use the Marketing URLs but we’re not told what they are. If there was a permalink on each page, that would help a lot.

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