What’s the best thing about AutoCAD 2009?

What’s the best thing about AutoCAD 2009?

It’s starting to look a bit negative around here, and it is only going to get more negative when I start describing the details of my still-unresolved Autodesk customer service debacle. So here’s something to provide a bit of balance.

What do you like best about AutoCAD 2009? What is better, faster, easier, more cool or just plain fixed when compared with the release you were using previously? I have a few ideas of my own, and will run a poll when I get a few suggestions from you.


  1. Chris Cowgill

    I like the ability to have extra screen real estate. the menu browser allows me to hide the menus that I rarely use, and the smaller undocked toolbars allow me to place my control pulldowns in locations I couldnt in previous releases.

  2. metis

    nothing is faster.

    layer manager open is great, but it takes so much longer to refresh than “apply” in 08, that i rarely use it.

    the advanced recover is great, but the file writing change that brought it about is a nightmare.

    i suspect that if 09 ran at close to the 08 speed i’d be using the macro recorder all over the place.

    right now, 09 is relegated to background plotting on one core while i work in 08. it does a bang up job.

  3. Tim English

    fixed (made possible!) the ability to get an Object ID in VLisp, which was broken in the ACAD2008 x64. Useful for adding fields to refer to entities created in VLisp.

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