Polls, especially CIP and Ribbon settings

Polls, especially CIP and Ribbon settings

I encourage all my readers to participate in the variety of polls I have made available, over towards the right of this site. In particular, if you’re a user of base AutoCAD 2010, please have a go at the AutoCAD 2010 users, what are your Ribbon and CIP settings? poll. The results so far are very interesting, but the numbers are currently too small to be significant. My two longest-running polls are now approaching a thousand votes each, and it would be great to see several hundred responses to the Ribbon/CIP poll.

While I’m on the subject of polls, I’ll repeat some comments I made a while ago. Back then, I noticed that more than one person had been voting multiple times. While this is technically possible for people who have access to the Internet via multiple IP addresses, it’s obviously not desirable. The idea is that you have one vote each. While you might be able to work around that restriction to give yourself a little extra influence on the result, doing so is less than honest.

I accept that people who have access via home and work might accidentally vote twice on occasions, but if I perceive a continued pattern of deliberate abuse I will remove the offenders’ access rights to this site. As I respect everybody’s privacy I will not reveal any identities, drop any hints or make any announcements about this, I will just do it.

Just to make the privacy issue completely clear, I will not, under any circumstances in public or private, reveal who has voted for what. To anybody. Similarly, I will not reveal to any party any identifying information behind any of the users of this site, with the exception of spammers.

Fortunately, the influence of dodgy votes on poll results has so far been small and in most cases statistically insignificant. That is, it does not invalidate any conclusions that might be drawn from the overall poll results. The more valid votes there are, the less influence the multi-voters will have, so go to it and have your say. Once, please!


  1. Chris Cowgill

    Steve, I have not voted for the ribbon questions because I feel they do not present a viable option that is accurate for the way I feel about the Ribbon.

    Do I love it or hate it? I’m indifferent

    Do I use it, yes, but only for custom commands that I cant remember the command line input for. A lot of my custom routines dont have 1 or 2 letter shortcuts, and it can be difficult to remember what I called a command (sendlinestoback or sendlineworktoback I use it so infrequently, I can never seem to remember which one it is). I do know that I do not use the ribbon for AutoCAD commands at all (that is what the keyboard is for)

  2. Brent Daley

    I heard by AutoCAD 2013 they will have totally phased away all keyboard commands, CUI and .pgp. So if you need something and it isn’t there, then you’ll just have to make some adjustments on your end to try and achieve what you need.

    Luckily though for us none of this really matters as the world will end on December 21, 2012 anyways. So we’re ok…from a CAD perspective anyways.

  3. Jesse Cook

    We’ve turned off CIP on all workstations since we determined that on machines with Windows 7 installed, it was causing frequent hanging and slowness. Once I disabled CIP, everything worked great.

  4. Brent, “I heard” that the screen menu was going to be abolished. I heard this in the late 80s. I kept hearing it from time to time thereafter, although not enough people care about it any more for it to be a talking point these days. The screen menu is still there. I don’t have any inside information on AutoCAD 2013, but I expect the screen menu to be still present then. And I would expect its removal to be about 1000 times more likely than phasing out keyboard commands.

  5. Chris Cowgill

    A question on CIP
    How do you disable CIP if you have your info bar shut off? Do I need to temporarily turn it back on to verify cip is off then turn it back off? or is there anotherway to verify cip is off?

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