More Autodesk research – Groups

More Autodesk research – Groups

Here’s an announcement from the AutoCAD Product Design & User Experience Team:

AutoCAD User Research Study: “AutoCAD Groups”(AutoCAD Group command)

AutoCAD Product Design & User Experience Team is looking for your input regarding the AutoCAD GROUP command usage.

The GROUP command (Object Grouping Dialog) in AutoCAD allows creating a selection set of objects called a group.
When an object belongs to a group, if any object in the group is selected, all the objects in the group are selected.
Groups can be named or unnamed. Groups can be ungrouped/(exploded), which removes the relationship between the objects in the group.

Autodesk wants to better understand how you use Groups so we can improve the feature.

Go to it, people. It’s good to see some attention being given to some long-neglected parts of AutoCAD. What next, LISP?


  1. David Kozina

    Whoever designed this survey botched up a bit. Near the end of the survay, in question #18, apparently you MUST choose a version of AutoCAD in the pulldown for AutoCAD LT (and probably something in the AutoCAD pulldown), (whether or not you use both versions).
    I almost thought I had wasted alot of my time taking this survey (which IS important to me).

    At any rate, thanks for the heads up!

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