Why do you comment here?

Why do you comment here?

One of the things that most pleases me about this blog is the amount of comments it gets. I’m sure there are several AutoCAD-related blogs that are much more frequently visited than this one, especially the Autodesk ones. However, I’m not aware of another AutoCAD blog with the volume of comments I see here. On average, each post here receives just under 5 comments, and the most popular subject for discusssion is now not far short of the 100 mark.

I recently went four complete calendar months without making a single post, but comments kept trickling in anyway. When I returned to normal posting, the commenters returned as if I had never been “away”. What’s up with that? I’m curious. Why do you comment here and not so much elsewhere? Or am I mistaken and there’s an AutoCAD blog I’ve forgotten that’s a hotbed of commentary?


  1. No comments… 😉
    I guess this depends if commentators are bloggers like me or just visitors. Bloggers, this is no secret and even part of a good referencing strategy, use comments to get better Google ranking and links back to their site. Of course, I am not talking about spammers but about people like me (I hope), whose goal is to bring something to the commented post, to keep in touch with someone they appreciate for their frank way of speaking, sometimes to indicate links to complementary ressources, in short, to keep a blog alive, specially a blog different from a “corporate” one, if you see what I mean. Let’s keep in mind comments are not always to be serious and long and should bring life in a very often too serious web.

  2. You were gone? I drop in ’cause your take on the CAD world is normal to my views. Some (un-named) other bloggers appear to be challenged by technical devices like shoelaces – which leaves their opinions as valuable as those of the neighbor’s cat. GO:ACAD is long gone. NEWS:discussion.autodesk.com is dead. That web thing is a complete waste of my limited time. So, that leaves stevedownunder.com as my primary source of current CAD event news.

  3. > especially the Autodesk ones

    Independent blogs are sincere. Autodesk blogs may be helpful, but they’re basically all just TV commercials, and that includes the so-called “AUGI frontmen” that we officially have back here in our Russian-speaking community. You don’t speak to a TV commercial.

    I think that’s the reason.

  4. I tend to leave a comment when something gets under my craw and your blog brings out the best in me allowing a little bitch session. I would likely be more vocal if I were more current with the software.

    I did notice your absence and my heard sprang with joy upon your return.

  5. Plain and simple, I like the way you think. Yes, I also go to most of the other sites, but they are like reading an encyclopedia. At least you offer fixes to real problems. And it doesn’t matter that you live in Australia, good information can come from anywhere. I live in the state of Wisconsin in the U.S. I have been reading your blog for many years but don’t comment much. The information I get here is way better than anything else I’ve found.

  6. I almost always agree with what you have to say, and respect your opinion and thoughts on these matters.

    I think most of my comments here have been to questions that you have raised – but sometimes a comment is deserved to a good point or idea that you mention!

  7. R. Paul Waddington

    “Why Do I Comment Here?”
    Firstly Steve, I value others opinions (whether I agree or not) and, what you say invariably has a value. You also manage your blog as a conversation which allows others to add to your comments, learn from you and others and from the information provided and or make alternative arguments; that’s professional and worth supporting.
    Thank you.

  8. Chris Cowgill

    I cant really say why I comment. I follow just over a half dozen blogs, and I believe yours is the only one I comment in on a regular basis, perhaps it is the format of your blog that seems to make it easier to comment. I believe out of all the ones I frequent, your’s and Owen’s blogs are the only ones that have this convenient little box right below the blog entry and comments for me to leave my comment. Everyone else seems to just have a little link to leave a comment, where this box seems inviting and it draws attention to the fact that comments are more than welcome.

  9. Brent Daley

    I’d have to say it’s a combination of multiple things.

    I’d have to agree first off with Chris, this site is easy to navigate. There is a multitude of information, and it’s easy to get to it. This site is simple…not simple enough that if you got on it you would immediatly leave because you think it’s too generic. I like the fact there are not a bunch of ads, and banners floating around, and hiding links to advertising in links I’m trying to use for what I need.

    Another thing I like is the lack of bashing, unless I’m missing something? If you don’t agree with something this isn’t really the place for it unless the post is actually wanting this type of comments. You disregard and move on with your own opinion…you know, like a grown up.

    It is also nice not having a lot of posts, this gives a person time to read more thouroughly on the ones you do. When there are multiple posts a day every day, a lot of time most of them get missed, and so does any information that may be presented which brings me to the next thing.

    Not reposting entries and posts from other blogs. So many of these blogs out there that want to call themselves reputable pretty much plagerise other blogs. This wastes a tremendous amount of my time clicking through new posts that are just repeats of others. I think with not doing this I get the feeling that you know this is happening, and you know this information is already out there, so why copy it again here, if your targeting a certain audience, then you know they are somewhat intelligent, and have the capability, and the resources to already be accessing all these other posts. So once again…you are in tune with your readers, and I can see that.

    Your not afraid to get dirty…some blogs won’t touch on subjects because they are afraid someone will think bad of them, or their reputation might suffer. I respect that you say whats on your mind, which all in all is probably on a lot of peoples minds, they just won’t say so for the previous mentioned reason.

    All in all, you have a very comfortable site, and glad to be here commenting here. Keep up the good work. This has grounds for being another post that will have many comments.

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