How good is Autodesk at the Internet?

How good is Autodesk at the Internet?

It goes without saying that any company that intends to win at CAD on the Cloud had better be pretty darn good at doing Internet stuff. So, does Autodesk qualify?

There’s a poll on the right and your comments are welcome.


  1. Earl Kubaskie

    I’d have to vote meh.

    Site graphics are great, and they ought to be since that’s Autodesk’s job, after all.

    Content is OK, but sometimes late up , such as current-year-attendee data for AU (AU Networking) being unavailable until the event is started or even over.

    Downloads still tend to fail at the file cleanup stage. That makes beta testing kind of rough.

    And the search engine is abysmal. I use Google and get my answers generally on the first page of hits, while the on-site engine feeds me page after page of useless misses – even if I type in the known title of a kb document. Though that beats the day that I searched for “corrupt profile” and the first 3 pages of “hits” were links to porn spams on the discussion groups!

    And how are things in the discussion groups? I gave up on them a year or so back.

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