Welcome to the new bosses…

Welcome to the new bosses…

…same as the old Bass.

If you’re hoping the change at the top of Autodesk is going to result in a change to the all-rental business model, abandon that hope now. In this nodding-heavy video, temporary co-CEOs Amar Hanspal (product guy) and Andrew “Baked Beans” Anagnost (marketing guy) confirm it’s full steam ahead. Not unexpected, really.

If either of these guys is selected as CEO (my money’s on Amar), the rental push will continue. Don’t expect to be saved by an incoming CEO, either. The Autodesk board won’t appoint a non-believer.

If you won’t abandon your perpetual licenses, you’ll need to abandon Autodesk.


  1. “If you won’t abandon your perpetual licenses, you’ll need to abandon Autodesk.”
    I was excited to get Inventor HSM Pro three years ago mainly for HSM since Inventor is bad compared to Solid Edge. Sadly I have reached the same conclusion as you and sent Autodesk my last money for 2018 in December. Never will rent software and will buy into permanent licenses only for reasons we all know well. Screw these chattel seeking types and I hope they fail most thoroughly. Time to make and implement a plan for orderly exiting from Autodesk while it can be done without being in panic mode. I hate to write this since I think so highly of HSM but their overlords are another story.

  2. I applaud Mr. Anagnost for at least coming out and saying that the goal is to move existing perpetual users over to rental (or subscription as they like to call it) – compared to the written announcement offering the variety of excuses of having to raise the maintenance fees.

  3. It is interesting to see a company switch modes from what I would call a monopoly mode, to expensive a-la-carte mode. I guess all the trouble makes enough noise to (try to) hide the final result which is a price increase. I wonder when they will stop offering maintenance mode for existing perpetual seat owners like us. And here I though I would have to push Bricscad. Heck, my company will be coming to me begging for ways to minimize seat rental. They will tolerate a bit more risk now, which is exactly what I need to steer things in what I think is a healthier direction. Thanks Autodesk, you actually did have my best interests in mind – getting off your products!

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