Autodesk is hiring again

Autodesk is hiring again

We’ve been here before, so this shouldn’t shock anyone. Autodesk is red hot to employ lots of shiny new people to replace at least some of the old ones that were discarded a while back.

As a free service to Autodesk, I offer this work-for-us video for your enjoyment:

An example of the sort of attitude required from employees who want to stay around can be found at 0:37. Nice!


  1. Agriculture, landscaping, hospitality, and food distribution call those who are easily displaced and disposable – temporary workers. Limited benefits, zero chance for advancement, and a dismal future. Wonder if Autodesk pays better than telemarketing? Wonder how they justify new hires while skillfully maintaining their negative income? The Tesla school of financial management? So many things I don’t understand. But then, I lead a simple life. A hot fresh chicken burrito makes my day, unlike those sad victims in San Rafael waiting in line for day-old mystery burritos, hoping they don’t run out again. The disposable generation.

  2. James Maeding

    Is the girl at 0:26 the new Lynn Allen?
    That “Best CEO” comment was cut short. Shortly after, she was seen rolling in uncontrollable laughter on the floor.

  3. Whisperman

    The logic on Autodesk’s side is brutal but clear. Older workers cost more in salary and benefits, medical costs in particular. There’s also a perception that experienced workers rest on their laurels and let their skills atrophy. The problem is that Autodesk clearcuts live trees along with deadwood, and it really hits morale when you see good colleagues head to the woodchipper.

    In one way, the strategy to purge older workers and refill with fresh faces is brilliant. The new employees come in unjaded and unaware of the good people who used to be there.

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