Do you do any AutoCAD development?

Yes, that includes hacking about (or producing beautifully elegant code) in LISP. If so, you may wish to go here and fill in the appropriate API survey, which is probably the AutoCAD one.

This year, Autodesk is opening up this survey, which used to be confined to Autodesk Developer Network members. I approve. ADN represents a tiny (but important) minority of fee-paying developers approved by Autodesk. I expect the results will be rather different if a significant number of “normal” AutoCAD developers notice this survey and fill it in.

If you are, say, a LISP or VBA user and are feeling neglected, please go and have your say while you have the chance. The survey closes on 1 May.

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  1. Hi, I used to program in LISP, then Visual LISP, then VBA and for a month now, I am in VB NET programming. Finding the transition from VBA to VB not so easy and ressources on the Net scattered, I set up my own site for .NET AutoCAD developpers at
    (don’t be fooled by the “VB” thing in “VBA”, they are two different things…)

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