Faster, Stronger, Higher, Bluer, Blooper

Faster, Stronger, Higher, Bluer, Blooper

I always find it amusing when extensively rehearsed and expensive presentations go wrong, except of course when they are my own. Anyway, presentations don’t get any more extensively rehearsed or expensive than the opening ceremony of the Olympics. So when a technical glitch occurs like Cathy Freeman having to stand around waiting for recalcitrant machinery to start moving, this amuses my sad little mind. It’s funnier for me when the glitch has a computing feel to it, as described in this story of the Olympic BSoD. When XP does this to you, perhaps you could try Li Ning on the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys.


  1. I’m waiting for the “Olympic Ceremony faked in our software” ad from a cad software company…

    I watched the start of the ceremony live, till got too late, and wondered when the footsteps shot was shown how they’d filmed it. Seemed too fast for a chopper and rather dangerous so can understand why they did it that way.

    Re the BSOD, I reckon it was planted by Microsoft so people knew it wasn’t running on Mac 🙂

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