AutoCAD 2009 Update 2

AutoCAD 2009 Update 2

Update 2, the latest of Autodesk’s rapid-fire Updates (formerly Service Packs) for AutoCAD 2009 is now out for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and the AutoCAD that comes with the Revit Suites (Architecture and Structure). As always, read the Readme first and exercise the usual paranoia.


  1. I don’t know. In my CAD Manager role, the answer is “once a release”. I don’t distribute a given release more than once, or apply service packs after the fact, because of limitations of the existing installation deployment system. That’s something that Autodesk should have sorted out before embarking on this rush-em-out Update and Subscription Pack policy. If I ever do end up distributing 2009 to my users as a general release, it will likely be with Update 3 or even 4, and then it will stick at that stage until the next release I deploy, barring emergencies.

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