Autodesk discussion group links – feedback and bookmarks

Autodesk discussion group links – feedback and bookmarks

The Autodesk discussion groups are currently working. They are also still irresponsibly displaying people’s email addresses as visible user names. If you’ve posted to the discussion groups in the past, I suggest you check to see if your email address is out there for the spambots to pick up.

There is now a feedback form for the discussion group and Community sites, so if you’re having problems you could try that. Hopefully, Autodesk won’t need a thousand feedback reports to work out that it’s running as slow as a wet week, the search is broken and that people’s privacy has been violated.

If you have links to product categories that no longer work properly, you can modify the format as shown in this example, which is for the AutoCAD category.



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  1. Earl Kubaskie

    In many cases, the email address became people’s default ID under the new setup – inherited from the subscription site, maybe? Mine didn’t, but of the several IDs I had, they picked the one I didn’t want as my new one. So I went in to the login page, and discovered that now we can change the user ID.

    So I did, and now all my accounts have the ID I prefer – and NOT my email addy.

    Though it did reset my post count at the discussion groups from near 500 down to zero. The noobs are going to think I’m a noob!

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