Adding Heidi

Adding Heidi

Although I want to keep my list of links reasonably compact, it should not have taken until now to add the AutoCAD Insider blog of Autodesk’s Heidi Hewett to the list. Heidi’s idea of going through the AutoCAD alphabet is a great one, and I wish I had thought of it.

blog nauseam has been light on for AutoCAD tips and information lately. Although that’s going to change for the better soon, there’s plenty of that kind of stuff on Heidi’s blog to keep you amused in the meantime. It’s useful stuff for all AutoCAD users, explained well.

Oh, and Heidi, the Boundary command was (kind of) added in Release 12, except it was called Bpoly at the time. It was renamed to Boundary in Release 13. The Bpoly command lives on to this day, doing exactly the same as Boundary.


  1. Joao, thank you for the kind words.

    Although there is indeed a BPOLY alias in the default acad.pgp, it is not needed because there really is an actual Bpoly command. You can remove or edit the acad.pgp BPOLY line and the Bpoly command will still work. Also, (command “BPOLY”) will work, which is not the case for commands that are defined solely in acad.pgp. For example, (command “L”) fails.

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