A gaggle of geeks

A gaggle of geeks

Time to lighten things up a bit, I think. While attending the AutoCAD 2010 product launch in San Francisco on 5 February 2009, I conducted a series of micro-interviews with a collection of AutoCAD bloggers and Autodesk employees. One geek asks 14 other geeks if they are geeks; nothing too serious here. I hope Shaan enjoys my tabloid journalist editing job right at the end.

YouTube link.

Thanks to all the interviewees:

Heidi Hewett, Autodesk blogger
Lynn Allen, Autodesk blogger
Melanie Perry, blogger
Robin Capper, blogger
Brian Benton, blogger
Todd Shackelford, blogger
Jon Page, Autodesk person
Matt Stein, Autodesk person and personal blogger
Shaan Hurley, Autodesk blogger
Donnie Gladfelter, blogger
Ellen Finklestein, blogger
David Cohn, blogger
Mark Douglas, blogger
Guillermo Melantoni, Autodesk person (still waiting for that blog, Guillermo!)

What is the collective noun for geeks, anyway?


  1. The answer to the final question, NCC 1701. Really that’s a trick question because it depends on which Starship Enterprise you are talking about. There are also the known as NCC 1701-A, NCC 1701-B, and so on. And no, I didn’t have to Google the answer. In fact, Captain Kirk’s middle name is Tiberious, and he’s from Ohio, but he works in space.

    The other question, a group of nerds might be known as a Flock of Nerdles.

    Great video Steve. I laughed the whole way through. That was/is a very interesting group of people.

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