Trusting Autodesk – poll results

Trusting Autodesk – poll results

I have closed the polls asking if you trusted various companies to do the right thing by their customers. Here is a summary of the results, showing the percentage of “Yes” votes for each company. The most trusted company is at the top, the least trusted is at the bottom.

  1. Honda 69%
  2. Amazon 65%
  3. Target 52%
  4. Bricsys 43%
  5. Apple 36%
  6. Autodesk 23%

Remember, this is not a scientific poll and as with all polls and surveys there will be some self-selection bias. Does anyone find anything about the above results surprising?


  1. JGerth

    Possibly, except it has come out that Apple retains back doors to access anything on their cloud services. That was not previously understood to be the case.

    Might be fun, although unlikely to be productive, to run a poll on “most hated” companies. Monsanto vs Adesk vs Walmart vs whoever

  2. Another reason not to trust Autodesk. Kate Morrical, an Autodesk employee, at the LT Unlimited blog has a post about the differences between AutoCAD LT in the App Store and the standalone license. While listing all the positives about the AppStore version she fails to mention that it is for non-commercial use only.

    I recently posted a comment on her blog post, however it has yet to appear online.

    I find it unethical for sell a product to someone knowing that it cannot be used for the purpose that they purchase it for. Do not trust this company, read the EULA before making purchases.

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