ACAD/Medre.A malware emails your drawings to the bad guys

ACAD/Medre.A malware emails your drawings to the bad guys

Jimmy Bergmark has reported a particularly unpleasant piece of malware, so please check it out. The Autodesk Knowledge Base item can be found here.


  1. Dave Ault

    Autodesk wants all their stuff to work on the web. How priceless a warning is this about the perils of doing so from every direction. The one common denominator with every hack I have read about is the access to the web. All the stuff from server boards with back doors built in to this bit of malware are rendered useless by not allowing any access to the web. The claims of tech advantages for the cloud by those who wish to make money off of it will in the end be defeated by tech designed to compromise it.

    Your competitor could patent your stuff before you do as he had the finished drawings as soon as the author did!! Brilliant, this cloud thing really is good for some ahem, ah design firms should I say.

  2. James Maeding

    If etransmit did not include all the junk files it does, I bet people would notice things that were not dwg’s or images being sent. I don’t use it much anymore anyway as it crashes so often…

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