Autodesk buys more social media stuff

Autodesk buys more social media stuff

Following up on its acquisition of Socialcam (which was then abandoned by 50 million users), Autodesk has acquired social media platform Qontext from Indian company Pramati. What exactly is this? I have no idea. I tried to find out by reading the Pramati site, but it’s so heavily obscured in trendy but vague corporatespeak it’s hard to work out anything firm. I played Buzzword Bingo while reading the site and won within seconds. Maybe the Autodesk statement clarifies things?

“Mobile, cloud and social computing are dramatically changing the way engineers, designers and architects work. The addition of the Qontext technology to the Autodesk portfolio will lead to new technology innovations that help our customers embrace these disruptive technologies and leverage them for competitive advantage,” said Amar Hanspal, Autodesk senior vice president of information modeling and platform products. “It was great to work with the team at Pramati who have demonstrated a great capability in incubating disruptive businesses.”

Well, that’s cleared that up, then. Apparently, Autodesk has bought a bunch of buzzwords. Must have been running short of them or something. I hope it was worth it.


  1. James Maeding

    you never know, as autodesk is doing some really neat stuff with its AIM prog, which has a mobile viewer and web viewer interface now for the models you make.
    The content is only hosted by adesk 360, they might finally have a reson to get us to use that.
    the AIM prog is turning out to be a great tool for my office.

  2. S Lafleur

    What does “incubating disruptive businesses” mean? That doesn’t sound like a positive to me…not that I really give a rat’s patootie who or what Autodesk buys as long I can still use vanilla AutoCAD in the manner to which I become accustomed.

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