Restoring the Classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015, 2016 and 2017, etc.

Restoring the Classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015, 2016 and 2017, etc.

One of the more common queries on my putting things back to “normal” posts is how to restore the AutoCAD Classic workspace in those releases where it is absent. Since Autodesk removed that workspace it has been too involved a process to fully describe how to do it in the context of my post. In the 2017 version of that post I’ve added a useful link, but as that’s a massive post and the link is buried near the end of it, this may have escaped your attention.

Here’s the link to Brazilian AutoCAD expert Luciana Klein’s step-by-step guide. It’s for AutoCAD 2016, but the principles apply to other releases and variants. Thanks to Luciana for going to the effort of putting this together.


  1. I hope somebody finds a method/tool to turn off the horrible UI overlay schemes. Owen’s QuikPic does a great job (I haven’t, and probably won’t see 2017) righting nearly all the evil wrongs. Just one little irritation at a time. A Classic Scheme was promised in one of the 2009 or later betas but it never made it to me. Can you imagine Autodesk failing to deliver anything?
    Anybody keeping score? How many (finished) new commands, variables, or useful enhancements have been added to Vanilla ACAD since 2008 was released?

  2. I understand that Autodesk wants to point people towards the Ribbon and the new UI. But why remove the classic workspace? If anything, leave the workspace in there and tweak it each release to ease people towards the new UI.

    Strange, they remove the classic workspace, but the screen menu is still available.

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