Automated .NET 4.7 update kills AutoCAD pre 2017

Automated .NET 4.7 update kills AutoCAD pre 2017

Thanks to Robert Green for pointing this out:

Microsoft is installing .NET 4.7 as part of their auto updates and it is causing many legacy Autodesk applications to crash on any ribbon interaction. Touch the ribbon, away goes your software.

If you can keep from installing the 4.7 framework do so. If the damage is already done then uninstall .NET 4.7 and install .NET 4.6.2 using this download link. Note that the uninstall of the offending version must be done first!

AutoCAD 2013 to 2016 and Inventor are affected, and possibly other products. BricsCAD users are unaffected.

It is also reported that you can work around the problem by hacking the registry to identify an earlier .NET version as being installed (the usual caveats apply). That’s described in this Autodesk Knowledgebase article that works around a related but slightly different issue.

Don’t you just love the way continuous automated updates enhance and enrich the user experience?


  1. griffin

    Speaking of killing software, Autodesk just wiped out its entire Middleware line for game development a few days ago. Going by the amount of outraged forum posting nobody was using it anyway. Does Stingray get added to the graveyard as well since it is now included in Max 2018?

    1. Brian Sikorski

      Thank you! I have been trying for days to resolve the menu crashing issue on my new Lenovo yoga 720. Adding that line to the config file is so much easier than messing with net framework. I hope it keeps working but so far so awesome.

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