Attention Autodesk Pier 9 facilities staff

Attention Autodesk Pier 9 facilities staff

Brenda is trying to get hold of you, it’s time you renewed your wastewater discharge permit.

There may be no Ideas page for AutoCAD, but at least somebody’s found a use for the Fabrication Ideas page.

Not renewing things is alive at Autodesk.


  1. James Maeding

    That is awesome. We used to chuckle when the local water district for our engineering office would email the receptionist to get our “backflow prevention certification” done. Of course she forwarded that to all employees and it eventually made its way to the water design department (Me). I then forwarded it back to the receptionist who forwarded it to the building owner. Nothing like a tour of the company to get to the landlord.

  2. If they had jumped at the opportunity to sign up with the SF Public Utilities subscription program – embarrassments like this would never happen. And they could have saved an additional 0.3% with the purchase of a certified SFPUC cloud based wireless meter. Plus maintenance. Void where laws are effective.

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