Video – 3Dconnexion fine tuning in BricsCAD and BricsCAD Shape

Video – 3Dconnexion fine tuning in BricsCAD and BricsCAD Shape

The second video in the cad nauseam YouTube channel is more typical than the first in that it’s a tips and tricks video. In this case it only applies to BricsCAD and Shape users, but future videos will provide information for AutoCAD and other DWG-based CAD applications.


  1. hi Steve

    Thanks for writing This blog.

    I am a Long-Time Autocad user Too (but I have been retired for about 10 years just now getting back into The “game”) since 1988.

    1x Thing i discovered or Invented was numerical command aliases.

    use This as a Template & add any command to get something similar, direct access to an Autocad command.

    (defun c:00 () (progn (command nil nil nil)(command “.save” “” “y”) (princ)))

    (defun c:0 () (command “orthomode” 0) (princ))
    (defun c:1 () (command “orthomode” 1) (princ))
    (defun c:2 () (progn (command “cmdecho” 1) (command “dist”) (getvar “distance”)))
    (defun c:3 () (progn (command “cmdecho” 1) (command “dist” “nea” pause “per” pause) (getvar “distance”)))
    (defun c:4 () (command “.osnap”) (princ))
    (defun c:5 () (command “‘osnap” “”) (princ))
    (defun c:6 () (command “‘osnap” “end,ins,int,mid”) (princ))
    (defun c:6+ () (command “‘osnap” “end,ins,int,mid,per”) (princ))
    (defun c:7 () (command “‘osnap” “nea,per”) (princ))
    (defun c:7+ () (command “‘osnap” “nea,end”) (princ))
    (defun c:8 () (command “‘osnap” “ins,cen”) (princ))
    (defun c:9 () (command “‘osnap” “ins,cen,quad”) (princ))

    I divided The numerical commands up by Function
    00-10 just basic inputs.
    10-19 pan view (save-restore)
    20-29 create objects
    30-39 Edit I, objects
    40-49 Edit II, objects


    Then Looked at The most used Commands and put Them Lowest on The numerical keypad.

    warning I use a right-handed mouse Left-handed with NO changes, so I can use any mouse, at any Time, any where with NO modifications.

    I had To Learn how To do This because I had To write down so many contradictory Info schemes from my 2 bosses who neither 1 of whom knew Autocad back in 1989.

    just an Idea.

    I am now Learning Bricscad Shape (when I had no $ Last year (&This year, Too) was so happy To find a 3d modeling program That worked with DWG files natively) & have every Thing To Learn.

    I do have 30,000 hours or more using Autocad 20,000 = 2d and about 10,000 or more doing 3d modeling ONLY for 5 years, but That was now 13 years ago.

    Take care

    Randy in Arizona, USA

    a Link to some online at Facebook 3d Images of a Tiny Home, we are building Tiny Homes for US homeless Vets here in The Phoenix metro area. (I am allergic To sunLight so i can do something To contribute is basically cad work)

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