CAD Nostalgia Video

CAD Nostalgia Video

For the first video in the new cad nauseam YouTube channel, I’ve had a bit of fun. I unearthed a bunch of my old stuff to show you. Does any of this take you back? Enjoy!


  1. James Maeding

    I’ll never sell my Maximizing AutoLISP by Rusty Gesner and Joseph Smith. I also have the Visual LISP: A guide to Artful Programming. Now that was cutting edge.
    I bought both myself as the company I was at would not.

  2. Dietmar Rudolph

    Hi Steve,
    thanks for making my book ‘Mastering AutoCAD Object’ #1 in your AutoCAD memorabilia video. And yes, adding a year or version number to the title was one of the most stupid decisions the publisher made. Had they not, they could have sold the same book at least ten years longer.
    Kind regards

    (Ghost posted by Steve for technical reasons)

  3. I still have my copy of Deitmar’s Mastering AutoCAD Objects book. I would have had his DXF Standard book as well but my German isn’t up to par.

    Another oldie I keep around is Owen Ransen’s “AutoCAD programming in C/C++”.

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