Having trouble authorising Autodesk products?

Having trouble authorising Autodesk products?

You’re not alone. At the time of writing, the Autodesk license service at auth.autodesk.com is down, so if you need a response from that service before your software will work you’re likely to be severely out of luck.

That’s more likely to be inconvenient if you’re on subscription rather than a perpetual license, because Autodesk subscription software phones home every month. Yes, even if you have a 3-year license.


  1. Autodesk really wants to be an Internet company. The problem is they are not. Their back end systems have been a mess for 2-3 decades. Because these systems are not tied to any one product (i.e no revenue generation), there’s often no product owner responsible post deployment.

    Mark my words….They are trying to become the Facebook of the design world and they’re going to monetize your data at every turn.

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