AutoCAD 2009 – The Prequel Part 24 – Menu Browser Keyboard Access

You may be used to accessing pull-down menus with Alt-key combinations, e.g. Alt+F to get at the File menu. You can still use those keystrokes to get at menus in AutoCAD 2009, whether or not the pull-down menus are in place. If the pull-downs are visible (MENUBAR=1), they are given priority over the Menu Browser. One difference is that if the pull-down menus are visible, you can either press the keys together (e.g. Alt+F), or you can press and release the Alt key, then choose the menu (e.g. Alt, F). With the pull-down menus turned off, you can use only the former method; just pressing and releasing the Alt key is ignored.

Here is a list of the Alt-key combinations that will work with either the pull-down menus or the Menu Browser:



Alt+F File menu
Alt+E Edit menu
Alt+V View menu
Alt+I Insert menu
Alt+O Format menu
Alt+T Tools menu
Alt+D Draw menu
Alt+N Dimension  menu
Alt+M Modify menu
Alt+W Window menu
Alt+X Express menu
Alt+H Help menu

Of course, the above only applies in the standard AutoCAD environment. In a custom environment, things could be quite different.

The following key combinations apply only to the Menu Browser. Unfortunately, they are ignored if the pull-down menus are visible:



Alt+R Recent Documents
Alt+C Open Documents
Alt+A Recent Actions
Alt+S Open Menu Browser with focus on Search

The last combination can be used as a prelude to searching the menus, or simply as a way of exposing the Menu Browser without having to click on the red A.

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