AutoCAD 2009 – ViewCube problems?

AutoCAD 2009 – ViewCube problems?

Having been very effusive in my praise of AutoCAD 2009’s ViewCube feature, stating among other things that “the ViewCube looks like a finished, polished tool”, I may need to backpedal. Those views, along with all of my 2009 Prequel posts, were based on my experience with the Release Candidate.  Although ViewCube was very stable for me in pre-release versions of 2009, I’ve seen severe ViewCube stability problems in the shipping software.

I’ve seen the following problems in just a few minutes use of the ViewCube, on two different PCs:

  • Picking the WCS button under the ViewCube and then picking a different visual style led to AutoCAD going into an endless loop where it kept flashing up and removing the WCS menu about twice a second. Ctrl-Alt-Del was needed to get out of this. This lock-up could be repeated by using the UCS button and picking in the drawing area to make the UCS menu go away.
  • In my attempts to reproduce this on another PC I couldn’t immediately do so, but by using the Home feature and changing visual styles I could make my cursor disappear so it looks like AutoCAD is locked up. No cursor was visible anywhere within the AutoCAD window (including crosshairs, pickbox and arrows), but the normal Windows cursor was visible outside AutoCAD. I could use the invisible AutoCAD cursor to highlight buttons and could therefore close AutoCAD without losing anything.

So, if you are using the shipping version of AutoCAD 2009, I suggest you save all drawings in your session before experimenting with the ViewCube. I would be interested in your experiences with the ViewCube. Is it reliable for you?


  1. I haven’t seen ViewCube problems. From your description, I wonder if it might be graphics board related.

    I have had graphical problems with the Ribbon, where it gets shifted to the left by about a half-panel. Nothing I can do brings it back to normal, other than restarting AutoCAD. It seems to forget where it’s docked.

  2. It’s quite possible that it’s confined to certain graphics cards and/or drivers. The PCs with the problems use different Nvidia Quadro FX cards (540 and 1500), and I can’t make ViewCube misbehave on a cheaper Nvidia GeForce 7600 card.

  3. jakov

    Viewcube is the worst thing ever made in 3d software! After skipping several versions, and installing now 2009 I am feeling as I am using some free 3d modeling software. This is not professional 3d program any more. I spend more time trying to rotate the cube on the right view and adjusting ucs than on drawing

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