Bad Photoshop 4

Bad Photoshop 4

Pathetic perspective, courtesy of the work experience person doing Clark Rubber‘s brochure images:

Escher would be proud

The same background is used for another table set. The perspective doesn’t match in that one either, but it’s not as bad as this. Maybe it’s just CAD geeks who notice this sort of thing?

One more to come from this brochure, and it’s the worst one of the lot!


  1. S Simpson

    As a photographer that does a significant amount of catalog and illustration work this offering is fine. The perspective looks ok to me. So what if the same background is used twice. There is no rule on this and it would appear to me that it is just another person desperate to see themselves writing something about a perceived photoshop gaff which seems to be in vogue these days.

    This is not a work of art, the purpose is to sell something for gods sake. In that respect is is on the mark in my opinion. Sure beats having to do a setup of every product to shoot them all individually.

  2. If this offering is fine by your standards, good for you. I look forward to seeing your work in public. If you really can’t see a problem with the perspective in this picture, I congratulate you on your ability to obtain work in this area despite your obvious challenges with spatial issues.

    I know a little bit about sub-standard image manipulation, because I’ve done a fair share myself. I’ve thrown together many a shoddy image for a quick laugh. But I wouldn’t dream of putting forward something of this standard for anything other than amusement.

  3. Jo

    This doesn’t really matter. What matters is that out of all the catalogues you would have received this time of year you remembered Clark Rubber. Therefore the advertising has worked.

    Well done!!

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