Edwin’s 100 tips, plus my own

Edwin’s 100 tips, plus my own

Over at Edwin Prakaso’s CAD Notes site, he has collected 100 AutoCAD tips and published them in a highly useful post. Very nice job, Edo.

While you blog readers are collecting tips, you might as well have a look at mine, too:

 http://www.blog.cadnauseam.com/tag/tip/ (and page 2)

I was surprised how many tips I have posted over the couple of years this blog has been running, although not all of them are for AutoCAD. Anyway, I hope you find some of them useful. If you don’t want to wade through all that lot, maybe you can get started on this five and five more tips from the early days of this blog.


  1. Thank you Steve 🙂
    There are hundreds of great AutoCAD tips, but I give up after 100. It was exhausting, took longer than I thought. But I’m pleased with the result. Maybe I should do it again for a specific topic. I’ll ask you for the post materials… Do you have any suggestion?

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