AutoCAD 2011 for Mac announced

AutoCAD 2011 for Mac announced

According to Macworld, Autodesk has now made its worst-kept secret, AutoCAD for Mac OS X, official. There are also goodies for those with cute little rectangles:

Autodesk also announced that the new Mac version of AutoCAD would be accompanied by the AutoCAD WS mobile application, a new app for iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch…


AutoCAD for Mac and the AutoCAD WS mobile application will be available in North America and Europe sometime between August and October. Users can pre-order the app starting Wednesday, September 1.

Huh? August is pretty much over. September or October, then.


  1. I see no ribbon. Doesn’t that equate to an instant 44% loss in productivity? How many MacACAD sales will it take to recover 18 months of wasted WinACAD development time?
    I predict a repeat of the dismal R12 for Mac misadventure, but what do I know… -Bill

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