Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?

I wonder if anyone still reads this blog? Would there be any point in reactivating it? I have stuff to say, but would anybody notice? Please let me know.

Note that currently, I need to approve comments before they appear. I may change this setting later, but if you comment and nothing appears instantly, don’t panic.


  1. Josef Wienerroither

    I definitely would visit the blog again if it’s revived
    Loved your critical view on everything Autodesk without the usual bash-without-substance attitude

  2. Nicola Ken Barozzi

    I would love reading your blog again, even if the updates are not necessarily frequent.
    Your indipendent views were very refreshing and helped me see through PR talk, just to keep everything in the right perspective.

  3. Richard Ernstberger

    I always enjoyed your clear speech – not only about Autodesk products or topics.
    So I would be glad to read new posts from you.
    Looking forward …
    And not to forget: thank you for all the informations on this blog related to AutoCAD 2010, 2012 and 2013

  4. Josh Crawford

    Yup, still subscribed to the RSS. Would certainly like to hear your irreverent voice again. πŸ™‚

    By the way, I’m still using DDChText and DDEdText…they both keep working with subsequent releases of AutoCAD. Good stuff.

    1. Richard E.

      Well, i was in this mood long time ago.
      Meanwhile I’m sure there will be no more new MDT ever.
      From my knowledge, we also do not have to expect a change in Inventor to get something even close to MDT.
      Look at the improvements in surfacing along the last 4 releases of Inventor and you get an idea of what we can expect from this side.
      They tout for FreeForm and think they’re done.
      Nothing can be more distant from customers needs. But unless the shares drop again, i do not look forward to see any insight from Autodesk.

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