lives! Plus a web browser tip lives! Plus a web browser tip

I have registered the domain name because:

a) it will stop anybody else grabbing it; and

b) it will make it easier for people to remember the URL if they don’t have me bookmarked.

No changes are required to your bookmarks or links, I just redirected to and will continue to use

That leads me to a web browser tip. I’m sure most of you already know this, but if one or two of you go “Ah! Cool…” then it was worth typing it up. When entering a .com URL, you can save time by just typing the main part of the domain name and hitting Ctrl+Enter. Your browser will then add the http://www. prefix and .com suffix for you.

Putting the two parts of this post together, that means you can type blognauseam into your browser, hit Ctrl+Enter and you should end up right here where you started.

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