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Site maintenance

I am currently moving the site from http://www.blog.cadnauseam.com to http://blognauseam.com while attempting to avoid breaking any existing links to pages on the old site. There may be some disruption to the site while this is going on, but I hope to keep this to a minimum. I ask for your patience while this is going on, but feel free to add comments to let me know about any strange happenings.

Minor site changes

I have updated this blog to use WordPress 2.7, and have also taken the opportunity to add a few new features: At the bottom of each page, you will now find a page navigation bar, as the old one-page-at-a-time thing was a bit painful. At the bottom of each post, there is now a Print This Post link, which displays the post in a cleanly printable format with any links shown in full at the bottom of the page. I have added a Stats page and a Stats section in the first sidebar (under the polls). I have moved things …

AutoCAD 2009 – The Prequels Are Over

It would appear that AutoCAD 2009 is now shipping. I intend to hold off on any further comments until I get my hands on the shipping product, which I expect to be fairly soon. In the meantime, maybe have a look over the 24 AutoCAD 2009 Prequel posts and see if there’s anything you missed. If there’s something in particular about AutoCAD 2009 you want clarified or would like to see covered in future posts, feel free to add a comment here or email me.

Five Simple Tips for AutoCAD

As my forced change to a different blog theme (thanks IE7) has meant the demise of my random AutoCAD tip feature, you may as well have the tips in a blog post instead. Here are the first five. These are fairly simple tips that apply to all recent releases. You probably know most of them, but just in case… If you need to draw circles, slots or rectangles around multiple text objects, use the Express Tools command TCIRCLE (Express > Text > Enclose Text with Object). When using the TRIM or EXTEND command, you don’t have to select any edges. …

This blog is ugly…

…if you’re using Internet Explorer 7. Thanks to Rick for pointing this out. It looks fine in other browsers, including IE6 and my own preferred browser, Firefox 2. Now I have to try to work around the IE7 bugs (which include splitting and misplacing images) to get the blog looking reasonable for everybody. Sigh. Thanks, Microsoft. Anyway, this means you’ll probably see the layout change around a bit more over the next few days. Do not be alarmed.

Blog comments are now turned on

I’m new at this blog stuff, and I got something wrong in the settings. This meant you were allowed to comment as long as you were a registered user, but as I was the only registered user and there was no way of making yourself into a registered user, commenting was effectively impossible. This is now fixed, so feel free to comment away.

blognauseam.com lives! Plus a web browser tip

I have registered the domain name blognauseam.com because: a) it will stop anybody else grabbing it; and b) it will make it easier for people to remember the URL if they don’t have me bookmarked. No changes are required to your bookmarks or links, I just redirected blognauseam.com to blog.cadnauseam.com and will continue to use blog.cadnauseam.com. That leads me to a web browser tip. I’m sure most of you already know this, but if one or two of you go “Ah! Cool…” then it was worth typing it up. When entering a .com URL, you can save time by just …