AutoCAD 2009 – The Prequel Part 22 – Open Documents

One more feature that’s crammed into the Menu Browser pane’s limited space is the Open Documents list. This allows you to switch between the drawings you currently have open. It has a similar interface to the Recent Documents list, including the persistently pale preview:

AutoCAD 2009 Open Documents

Unlike Recent Documents, the filenames are displayed in the correct case, although this is not true in the preview where the name and path are all in upper case. Another glitch in the preview can be seen above, where it says Currently Oper instead of Currently Open By:. This only happens intermittently and doesn’t concern me greatly.

In the same way that Recent Documents doesn’t eliminate the equivalent feature in the File pull-down menu, Open Documents doesn’t eliminate the equivalent feature in the Window pull-down menu. Note that this applies only to the traditional pull-down menus you get if you set MENUBAR to 1; the File and Window menus in the Menu Browser are missing the lists of documents.

If you want to switch between open documents quickly without looking under the red A, the Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab keyboard combinations still work in AutoCAD 2009, as they have ever since the multiple document interface was introduced by AutoCAD 2000.


  1. David Coombes

    In 2007, 2008 if you type TASKBAR on the command line & set to (1) all the drawings you have open will be tabbed accross the bottom of the screen. Will this still function in 2009?

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