Autodesk not listening? The response, part 2

Autodesk not listening? The response, part 2

In this second part of the interview, the Autodesk trio continues to respond to the question about listening to customers.

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  1. R. Paul Waddington

    Firstly thank you for putting ‘response 1&2’ together, a good effort.

    I have commented in your “Why…. Autodesk is not listening”: having now watched ‘response 1&2’ I add; for much of the time we listened to a script that has been said many times and the fact it was mentioned that the are millions of customers and only ‘one’ person to handle particular customers issues says volumes about how serious Autodesk is in using the feedback obtained. In short, much of what was said was neither new, informative nor inspiring and, as an aside, it did not ‘answer’ the questions either!

    It was mentioned users have said they ‘were overloaded by Autodesk’ if they had put their hands up to assist by providing feedback. That may or may not be true but what you can be sure of here if what is being raised is not already on the staffer’s agenda or more importantly if it is not what they want to hear they DO NOT respond appropriately. This is very, very obvious.

    Whilst some Autodesk customers, me included, are critical of feedback response – and in the interest of fairness – I would like to demonstrate how Autodesk do (on occasions) listen to criticism, and do respond; and as CIP and CER were raised as an important source of feedback it is appropriate we look at those – CIP in particular.

    CIP and CER are very dangerous communication for all users and CIP should be turned off at all times! This view of mine was raised a long time ago and very poorly handled by Autodesk. At a particular point in time a critical comment about my views on CIP were posted, by and Autodesk staffer I believe, in a very visible place on Autodesk’s Myfeedback. For what reason the comment was placed is anyone’s guess, but it was inappropriate and should not have been published. That said when I noticed the comment I emailed both Myfeedback (ignored), then Carl Bass (again ignored), and those emails, have been to this day – ignoring is a standard Autodesk response.

    However, when I mentioned the comment on my blog – Caveat emptor – within hours Autodesk responded: they REMOVED MY ACCESS FROM Myfeedback along with a comment if I wish to be re-instated to contact Myfeedback; this I did and have been ignored – no surprises there.

    I almost always respond to surveys, and yes, Autodesk do get in touch if you do: some time after denying me access to Myfeedback I responded to several surveys; Autodesk sent an email inviting me to join Myfeedback, I did and no response has been their response – consistency is important in business.

    It is also worth stating survey questions are so ‘stacked’ that it is almost laughable to think the composer/contractor is looking for information that is anything other than what the Autodesk staffer wants in the way of positive feedback only and ‘spin’ distortable facts.

    YES Autodesk do listen, I have the proof; but don’t hold your breath if it is about anything other than what an Autodesk staffer wants to hear!

    Three people on a couch conjures up thoughts of a very widely watched trio of comedians, the missing component was the slapstick. Lots of words, hand movements and nodding agreement but NO actual answer to questions, I felt, from these three. But we do know, from my experience, Autodesk staffers do hear and do respond – it just happens to be the wrong way, mostly!

    If I am wrong I guess those three, will ‘hear’ this post, will correct my access to Myfeedback and maybe they would like to discuss licensing as well!

    I will await their call(s)/email(s)…..zzzzzzzzz

  2. R. Paul Waddington

    Steve you said. “…..but still this feeling of being ignored persists among its customers. Why is this so?”.
    You then followed with, “I’d like to see some examples that make you think that Autodesk doesn’t care about your viewpoints, wishes and desires.”

    Well Steve, the three caricatures – on the couch – featured on your own blog have provided answers to your questions!

    As I said earlier lots of words, hand gestures and all we really learned was the Autodesk staff travel around a lot to meet people, and in their minds – they listen lots. Actions always speak louder than words and in the day an age of world wide millisecond communication, a week after posting my response to your original question still not a single word has been received from any of the three, and my access to MyFeedback – at the time of writing this post – has still not been restored.

    You need Steve, no further demonstration as to why users believe Autodesk staff do NOT listen!

    ‘Autodesk’, of course, is incapable of communicating with its customers simple because it is a business entity – a dumb name on a piece of paper! Autodesk’s ability to ‘communicate’ is done through staff the business entity employs; equally Autodesk’s reputation(s) rests on these same shoulders and that reputation is in taters and there is not a single member of Autodesk’s staff capable of restoring Autodesk’s actions to match their rhetoric.

    I presented a very easy task for Autodesk staff to show they do pay attention and respond and the have FAILED MISERABLE. That was one example now here is another;

    Six (6) days ago I asked the question, in relation to the new portable licence capability in AutoCAD 2010, “is it still going to be possible to transfer AutoCAD licences (between systems) without going online?”.

    I STILL HAVE NO ANSWER, SIX (6) DAYS later; to what must be the easiest answer an AutoCAD dealer or Autodesk representative will have to answer about 2010 and yet they have NOT done so. Again Steve, you have a true answer to your question and another demonstration of just how lackadaisical are Autodesk staff and representatives.

    Steve you tried to get Autodesk to answer your question and demonstrate to your readers, and “those” and “the many”, who hold an opposing view, that Autodesk do listen. In return Autodesk staff simply demonstrated what people are telling you is spot on; what Autodesk say is far removed from what they do! Sadly you (and Autodesk the company) have been let down – as was to be expected – by the very people you were trying to support and promote.

    I’m sure the ‘three on the couch’ know why they did not respond but we can all be sure ‘none’ of us are about to find out, from them, the reasons.

  3. Paul, I’m not going to take sides in your bunfight with Autodesk, other than to point out that Autodesk ignoring you personally is nothing new, and can’t really be taken as revealing anything about Autodesk’s relationship with its customers in general.

    However, I can answer your question. No, it’s not going to be possible to transfer licenses between systems without going online. I have expressed directly to Autodesk my concerns about this and will also be expressing them here, when I get round to it.

  4. R. Paul Waddington

    Thanks Steve; I understand you view and would not expect or ask you, or any person, to take sides. I know what what Autodesk’s staff are up too; it is extremely childish.

    I must disagree, it does reveal what Autodesk’s staff will do with ALL customers and therefore it is correct to say it general behaviour.
    If a company and its staff cannot face and communicate with ONE customer directly it says volumes about their overall intentions and even more about individuals actual abilities and prejudices; they are, when all is said and done, a SERVICE company, it is not we customers who should be serviceing Autodesk’s staff.

    Thanks for the answer on the Portable Licence. In non of the doc’s have I found this answer that is why I asked the questions. If it is not possible to transfer a licence ‘off line’ Autodesk will have effectively killed its worth.

    Please do take this up with Autodesk and I will be publishing my perspective as well in my blog ‘Caveat emptor’ so I will be interested to see your perspective, how quickly you address the issue and how quickly Autodesk corrects restores the abilty to do so ‘off line’.

  5. Pedro Candeias

    Hello, I’ve downloaded the ACA 2010 and Its was very slowly at the beggining. I do not like the ribbons insted of toolbars. I think that Ribbons concept is incompatible with an CAD Drawing tool principles. We do want work to fast and not “funny”. So i’ve downloaded the new CUI (provided from self Autodesk) and Iam very happy with this new version. Many good Endcaps functions that help us to work faster. We do like to work faster and smarter, and I think that the end user will not tolerate a “funny” interface that does not work.

    In the future, I hope that Autodesk quits ribbons or at least, offer users to get the toolbars back, like the “old school”.

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