Carl Bass on TV

Carl Bass on TV

Autodesk big cheese Carl Bass gets a friendly interview on NBC’s Press:Here (amusing name, “press colon here”). It’s kind of funny seeing CAD described by non-CAD people (the presenters, not Carl). Among other things, he discusses being fired by Carol Bartz, Autodesk’s role in Avatar, the benefits of piracy, iPhones, 3D printing, open source and Autodesk being green. I’ve embedded the two Bassy bits here for convenience; these embeds will display ads that are not under my control.

Edit: I’ve removed the embedded clips as they were slowing down this whole site for some users and even disabling some features. If you want to view the interview, please go to Press:Here and look at Episode 46 Autodesk Part 1 and Episode 46 Autodesk Part 2.


  1. R. Paul Waddington

    “Intellectual Property protection becomes the operating principal of business?”

    This comment from the CEO of a company who uses its customers computers for its own business purposes and then refuses to let those same customers see what Autodesk have done and taken OFF their customers business computers!

    Does “legalization becoming the norm” mean when Autodesk finds a way to do legally what they are now doing?

    “Stolen” – software is rarely stolen: piracy rarely involves stealing. Using the word ‘stolen’ is a misuse, deliberately done to deflect what is actually happening and by companies, like Autodesk, to make it look like they are victims.

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